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Telehealth is very effective and comfortable! 

I have been working online also since 2012. This enables me to work internationally with people who live too far away to come to see me. Working online is just as effective as on-site and is very much appreciated by my clients, also in this time of a worldwide crisis. You can simply make yourself comfortable at home and use the excellent effects of hypnosis for yourself. Every first consultation, every information in advance is completely free of charge and without obligation and can take place by phone or video chat. Please just contact me. I look forward to meeting you.

Dipl. Claudia Knichel, Company adress: Dürrenried 5, 96126 Maroldsweisach, Germany, Phone: 0049 9567 2970130

I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist of NGH, Swan Protocol practitioner and educated as well at Thermedius Institute. In 2012 I learned the Swan Protocol from the fabulous hypnosis master Bob Burns from Scotland and was one of the first to practice it worldwide. 

Since 2011 I offer Hypnosis and since 2012 Past Life Regression also. I use classical elements as well as modern hypnosis. My work is always individual and will fit to your personal problem or aim. "This is an amazing lady who will work seriously with you and help you change for the better." - Camilla E.

"Claudia is simply a beautiful spirit, ready and willing to work with you through your simplest or most difficult time. You'll find Claudia to be the best and most experienced in her field." - Karl W.


A helpful meditation from me

This recording, based on a light relaxation trance, will help you to relax, center yourself and recharge your batteries. After a calm introduction, gentle sea waves are played. It is best to use headphones for listening. It is a valuable everyday helper, but of course does not replace the individual work with me, which you will use if you have change requests or want to solve deep-seated problems.



How hypnosis works

Your brain controls your feelings, your behavior and your body. If I change something in your subconscious mind through hypnosis, then I change the brain functions and patterns for the better. We can rewire our brain in hypnosis, which is a great natural phenomenon. Your brain is not an immutable structure, but has the so-called 'neuronal plasticity'. This means that your brain is able to learn. Synapses and entire areas of the brain can be relinked and interconnected. The brain actually learns new and good patterns in the hypnotic change process. This is how hypnosis helps you to live a better life. 

Hypnosis is not dangerous, as some outdated horror films might be willing to make us believe, but extremely helpful. You don't even have to 'believe' in hypnosis, because it is real and its effectiveness has been scientifically proven in over 100 studies. Sometimes in life we just come up to a point where the conscious will alone won't be enough to get a better outcome for ourselves. In this case you might be willing to use the incredible power of hypnosis and work with me. Find your new and better path. Every previous consultation is for free and can be hold on phone or video call.


Some Topics in Hypnosis, for other concerns, please just ask

- Conflict resolution: Hypnosis on old or new topics for the purpose of improvement of well-being and happiness, let go of old emotions which might block you (childhood, separation, divorce, loss of job, etc)

- Stop smoking cessation

- Weight Reduction

- Regeneration: activate self-healing powers, coping with stress, training for self-relaxation, good sleep, get healthier

- Increase self-esteem: building motivation, positive thinking, promoting personal resources, discovering potential, realignment, increasing self-confidence, strengthening self-confidence, appreciate yourself

- Relationship: Improve relationship behavior, establish relationship skills

- Memory training: sharpening sensory perception, increasing concentration, increasing performance, get rid of learning blocks

- Mental preparation for important events: general exam preparation, driving license examination, application, performance, stage

- Past Life Regression

- Relaxation hypnosis: deep relaxation, trance trips, temple sleep, training for autonomous coping with stress

- Grief work: In the event of death and also the loss of a beloved pet

- Help with spiritual matters

 "Claudia is a very professional, successful and caring hypnotist. Because of her skills she is able to achieve the required results every time. She works within an impressive ecological frame and I have no hesitation in recommending her services. You will not be disappointed!" - Bob R.


Coaching and Supervision, without Hypnosis 

- Coaching for you

- Coaching for couples

- Supervision

- Life Counseling

- Life Counseling via email, a quick advice





Swan Protocol, clinical Hypnosis

  Hypnotist, TMI  

Past Life Regression


I am a trained Actress and Voice Actress, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Practioner and Coach. I live with my husband in Germany, Bavaria.

1984-1988: Academy for Performing Arts Munich, Acting School, Actress Degree

2011: Studies, apprenticeship as a Hypnotist at the Institute for Hypnotherapy, Thermedius Institute Nuremberg, Degree: Certificate 

Distance learning 2011: Training in Rapid Hypnosis, Dirk Treusch, Hypnotherapist, Darmstadt

2012: Studies, Training as a Past Life Regression Practitioner at the Institute for Hypnotherapy, Thermedius Institute Nuremberg, Degree: Certificate 

Distance learning 2012: Hypnosis for Hypnotherapists at Mindsci Clinic, Barry Thain, Hypnotherapist and Mentor, England

Distance learning 2012: Clinical Hypnosis at Mindsci Clinic, Barry Thain, Hypnotherapist and Mentor, England

Distance learning 2012: Direct Communication with the Subconsciousness, Hypnosis Institute Phoenix, Friedbert Becker, Hypnotherapist, Germany

Study 2012: 'Swan Protocol', Clinical Hypnosis at Bob Burns Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist and Mentor, Scotland, Degree: Certificate Clinical Hypnosis

2013: Entry into NGH, National Guild Of Hypnotists, the world's largest and oldest hypnosis organization, Certified Consulting Hypnotist NGH

Daily exchange with national and international Hypnosis Coaches and Hypnotherapists via Internet.


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