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Hypnosis and Past Life Regression
Certified Consulting Hypnotist NGH
Amazing Swan Protocol
Online Live Video Coaching since 2012

„Claudia is simply a beautiful spirit, ready and willing to work with you through your simplest or most difficult time. You’ll find Claudia to be the best and most experienced in her field.“

Whether for regeneration or personal desires, a good change – you have found what you are looking for! I have been working online already since 2012 and have been able to help many people around the world live happier and healthier lives. Simply use my online video coaching, from the comfort of your home. I look forward to meeting you!

„I’m incredibly happy that I found Claudia because I’ve been looking for a professional hypnosis coach for a long time and have finally found one.” A Feedback

Dipl. Claudia Knichel

Dipl. Claudia Knichel

Praxis Hypnotime

Hypnose und Rückführung
Sowie Life Coaching
Zertifizierte Praxis seit 2011
Certified Consulting Hypnotist
NGH, TMI, Swan Protocol
Phone: 0049 (0)9567 2970130

Certified Hypnosis since 2011

Swan Protocol

„Good morning Mrs. Knichel. I have recommended you several times. I can hardly describe how well I have been since our session, all my fears are gone, including this inexplicable feeling of guilt. I wake up every morning with new courage! Best regards.“ A feedback after an online session

I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist NGH, educated as well at Thermedius Institute and I use the amazing Swan Protocol by Hypno Master Bob Burns since 2012, which allows me to achieve the most incredible results. Sometimes in life we just come up to a point where the conscious will alone won’t be enough to get a better outcome for ourselves. In this case you might be willing to use the incredible power of hypnosis and work with me. 

You don’t even have to ‚believe‘ in hypnosis, because it is real and its effectiveness has been scientifically proven in over 100 studies. Your brain is not an immutable structure, but has the so-called ’neuronal plasticity‘. This means that your brain is able to learn. Synapses and entire areas of the brain can be relinked and interconnected. The brain actually learns new and good patterns in the hypnotic change process. This is how hypnosis helps you to live a better life and get happier.

„Claudia is a very professional, successful and caring hypnotist. Because of her skills she is able to achieve the required results every time. She works within an impressive ecological frame and I have no hesitation in recommending her services. You will not be disappointed!“

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NGH Hypnotist

Some Topics in my work

If you have any other concerns, please just let me know, thank you very much.

Conflict resolution: Hypnosis on old or new topics for the purpose of improvement of well-being and happiness, letting go of old emotions which might block you (childhood, separation, divorce, loss of job, etc), or to reach a certain aim

Regeneration: activate self-healing powers,  good sleep, get healthier

Increase self-esteem: building motivation, positive thinking, activating personal resources, discovering your potential, realignment, increasing self-confidence, strengthening self-confidence, appreciate yourself

Relationship: Improve relationship behavior, establish relationship skills

Mental preparation for important events: general exam preparation, driving license examination, performances

Relaxation and coping stress: deep relaxation, trance trips, temple sleep, coping stress

Grief release: In the event of death and also the loss of a beloved pet

Past Life Regression: karmic resolution of very old issues and full immersion into your todays life